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One piece headcanons

2021. 4. 6. · Oh sorry I didn't see you had already answered a similar ask. Don't worry about finding it confusing. When I first saw him, the site I read one piece on kept using she and him it was never the same pronouns when talking about Yamato.

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An archive of One Piece headcanons. Luffy doesn’t drive. He rides his bicycle. Everywhere. But he constantly is at flea markets and thrift stores looking.

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Law never compliments people. He always follows it up with a–. “You’re welcome to use my shower any time.”. *SLAM*. one piece Portgas D. Ace Sabo (One Piece) sabo the revolutionary trafalgar law one piece headcanon trafalgar D. Water Law portgas ace Sabo Ace Law OP headcanon crush singing onepieceheadcanon..

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2022. 4. 1. · headcanons % losing an arm to protect them. ☻ / characters luffy, zoro, sanji, robin & law. ☻ / content warnings brief mentions of amputation, blood, violence. not proofread. ☻ / commentary was at the dentist yesterday and while the guy was working on my teeth, i had so many ideas and this was one of them for some reason. don’t ask why, i’m not sure. but i like.

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Aug 21, 2020 · One Piece Headcanons. zozoni asked: Hello! I just found your blog and I'm in love with it v Could I maybe ask for hcs for Luffy, Law and Kid (separately) with a 45/55 year old friend who's like their mom figure who also lives on an small island with her grandkids and they accidentally called her "mom" in front of their crews and they're .... One Piece Headcanons: Whitebeard Pirates Edition! Okay so after seeing Foz's amazing art of Whitebeard in pearls that they drew for me, my friend Angel was like "I'm starting to feel like pearls are your style." Which got me wheezing because pearls are definitely a Foz art staple but also pearls just happen to be my favorite so I'm always like.

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Nico Robin (One Piece) Jul 13, 2017. Share. Tagged #one piece #opfanart #nico robin #baron omatsuri and the secret island #fanart #digi #vvisti #fav character doodles. 3280 Notes. ketamine-boy liked this . cryptic-calling-card liked this.

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